Breakdown Home or Driveway Cover

Breakdown cover is a great way to keep your vehicle on the road no matter the time of year, the weather, at home or abroad. There is nothing quite like having a competent mechanic show up with a new tire, an air compressor, or a spare alternator belt when you are short on minutes. Stopped by the side of the road does nothing good for your temper or your safety, so the sooner you can be on your way, the better.

Stalled in the Driveway

Morning can be a difficult time, whether you live alone or you are trying to get full dozen youngsters kitted out and into the vehicle. It is not made easier by a vehicle that won’t start, a flat tire, or someone locking the door with the keys inside.

Are You Covered?

Regular breakdown policies often require you to be at least ten miles away from home before they will cover your situation. Be sure to look at your insurance policy for words like “At home” or “Driveway” insurance. Policies with these words included often cover things like that early morning cold start problem or locking the key inside the vehicle with the motor running. If you have one of those slow leak tires that loves to leave you flat when parked overnight, that is covered, too.

Have a Better Morning

While no one enjoys dealing with a deflated tire or a battery that is flat, driveway assistance can make the difference between being slightly late or being seriously late. An experienced roadside mechanic can switch out tires, charge up a battery or unlock most vehicle doors quickly and efficiently. One quick phone call, a short wait for the roadside assistance van, and in a very few minutes you can usually be on your way.

What If There Isn’t a Quick Fix?

Occasionally, a problem that was just developing the night before can turn into a serious difficulty in the morning. Perhaps the timing chain that was just slipping a little the night before, breaks when you try to start your vehicle in the morning. The fuel pump that was behaving in a suspicious manner begins to spray fuel everywhere. Or, and this one is nobody’s favorite, that sticky valve totally balks and puts a rod through the engine block.

When repairs that will take longer than thirty minutes occur, your vehicle can be towed to the nearest garage that can fix your car. If it will take more than a day to get it repaired, your policy just might include a rental car to get you through your interim transportation needs.

Out of the Drive, but Not Yet Ten Miles Away

Just as not all repair events wait for you to get out of the driveway, not all wait until you have driven ten miles from your home. If you pass a construction site, it is not at all uncommon for there to be nails that can puncture a tire. If you forgot to fill the fuel tank the night before, you could run out of petrol before reaching a station. Tubes, belts and similar small parts break when they reach that point, not when it is convenient or when you are in the right place for ordinary roadside assistance to kick in. When these things happen, your “At Home” clause in your breakdown policy is a major help.

Your Breakdown Policy

Breakdown or roadside assistance cover is one of the least expensive types of vehicle insurance. For most policies, you can add the driveway or home portion of the policy for only a little bit more. The convenience will almost always outweigh the cost.

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